7 Stands Bee Farm
Kelly Rausch from VP Queens conducting instrumental insemination for 7 Stands.

Instrumental insemination in progress.

Products and Prices

7 Stands Bee Farm offers 5-frame VSH Nucs and VSH queens. All queens are open-mated.

Prices for 2017

5-frame VSH Nucs                       $150.00 each  SOLD OUT

    (Nuc's are made with deep frames, No frame exchange, Nucs are for pick up only)

Unmarked VSH Queens               $30.00 each  (Plus shipping and handling.)
              Queens are sold out until June 1st 2017.

Interested in purchasing a queen? Send a message through the "Contact" tab.or 7standsbeefarm@gmail.com  

Thank you!
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VP Queens specializes in breeder queens and instrumental insemination services.



Adam Finkelstein, from VP Queens, preparing the queens for instrumental insemination.

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